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Satiereal Saffron Extract Customer Reviews And Results

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Welcome to my saffron extract reviews to know the authentic facts on this newest fat buster natural supplement that is already taking the weight loss world by storm. It is hardly a few months back this supplement was first introduced by Dr.Oz in “Oz TV Shows” and within a few months time this supplement has become very popular today.

What is Saffron Extract?
Saffron Extract is a natural, plant based extract. The name Saffron refers to a spice extracted from the plant Crocus Sativa, which is also commonly referred to as Saffron Crocus. Saffron is known to be the most expensive spice ever. It was originally found in Southwest Asia and Greece before it spreads to Eurasia, Oceania, North Africa and North America.
The traditional usages of saffron include spice, fabric dye, food coloring, perfume, medicinal herbs and even religious purposes. Saffron extract is obtained from the stigmas of the flowers.  Even though Saffron Extract has been in use since centuries, it is only recently the world came to know weight loss potential of this supplement.

Saffron Extract Weight Loss Benefits
In recent time saffron extract supplement is one most popular and widely talked about subject in the weight loss world. Dr.Oz in his talk-show “OZ Show” together with Hollywood celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow has made this supplement very popular. They have recommended Saffron Extract supplement an excellent appetite suppressant to naturally cut down food cravings. This claim is based on a double-blind with placebo controlled trial.

The study conducted by Dr.Oz involved a group of about 60 people, about half was given the saffron extract while the other half were on moderate dieting. The trials were conducted over an 8 week period. Results showed that snacking in the saffron group was significantly reduced compared to the control. There was a significant reduction in body weights of the people who used the saffron extract. The interpretation of the weight loss effect was emotional rather than physiological.  It was also found that the persons who consumed saffron extract had less craving for food and massive reduction in appetite.

The explanation was saffron extract have the capacity induce the release of seratonin, which is known as a ‘happy’ hormone. Seratonin is known to regulate our emotion, particularly happiness and well-being. The plausible explanation for the weight reduction is due to the release of seratonin which helps to reduce the urge to snack or overeat. Of course, this experiment does not have any scientific backing as it was not a clinical and laboratory research and testing. However, the outcome of the trial proved that saffron extract is very effective in arresting appetite and craving for food. The Dr.Oz’s experiment established the truth that it is effective and easy to lose weight naturally with the help of saffron extract.

How Does Saffron Extract Work?
Seratonin is a hormone that controls the emotion and mood functions of a person. If a person has low levels of Seratonin release, the person tends to be unhappy and moody. However, when a person’s seratonin level is high, he or she tends to be in a jolly and happier mood. Seratonin also plays a vital part in checking one’s emotional hunger or appetite.

Saffron extract is proved to have the efficiency inducing the release of serotonin in the body. When the production of serotonin increases, the person will be in a good mood or happier state. When this happens, the person exhibits less craving or snacking tendency. It is proved that people who take saffron extract shows significant decrease in feelings of hunger and urge to reach for snack and junk food. With decrease in hunger and appetite, a person loses the natural tendency to gorge on food.

The weight loss result is further magnified by the sense of fullness due to intake of saffron extract. When a person feels fuller, his or her tendency to look for food will definitely be reduced. Again, this further reduces the level of food intake. In the end, there will be more weight loss as a result of further reduction in food intake.

The weight loss results can be extremely satisfying especially when this supplement is taken as part of larger weight loss regime.

Multiple Benefits Of Saffron Extract
Saffron extract benefits with research evidence are fairly limited and cover only a few areas, namely, weight loss, depression, and premenstrual syndrome. Many other claimed and publicized effects of saffron extract are observed without much scientific evidence. These include Alzheimer’s disease, asthma, insomnia, cancer, atherosclerosis, cough, premature ejaculation, pain, and heartburn. It is fair to note that the effectiveness on all these conditions may be without scientific proof but it doesn’t mean the effects are not true.

Saffron Extract Side Effects
Satiereal Saffron Extract contains only 100% pure and natural ingredients that do not have any known side effects. Saffron extract is a natural substance which also contains medicinal ingredients. Therefore, it is noteworthy to pay attention to proper dosage for different purpose.
Pregnant and lactating women are advised to be careful and should preferably consult the family doctor before start using saffron extract. All other normally healthy person can surely try out this supplement without much caution as prescribed and directed by the manufacturer.

Recommended Saffron Extract
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